Do you like exploring different methods to enhance your sexual life as a man? Or else, are you a lady and would love to give your man infinite pleasure through multiple and intense orgasms? Well then, you should have already tried or start considering trying out a prostate massager.

It will absolutely enhance your sex life with its excellent outcomes i.e. anytime you use it when you get intimate with your partner.

What Is a Prostate Massager?

When a man’s prostate gland is rubbed, it gets stimulated hence the action of rubbing it is what is known as prostate massage. The prostate gland is located inside the anus right towards the side of the forebody of a man, an area usually referred to as P-spot. Therefore, prostate massagers are prostate toys designed to help out massage this P-spot.


How do you get the best results when you decide to use a prostate massager? Here are the guidelines on how to appropriately handle a prostate massager to ensure maximum efficiency.

Prepare Yourself

The first thing you need to do before starting your session is preparing your body for the activity. Ensure that your body and the mind are relaxed and consider a hot shower for a productive session.

Unlike masturbation with the penis where you expect to get off after a short period, using a prostate massager requires more time, preferably two hours. Make sure you can easily access other items such as a towel and lubricants.

Find an Appropriate Position.

You should make sure that you find a comfortable position that will keep you relaxed. For a starter, lay on your back and bend your knees upwards to a point where you can reach down there. Apply the lubrication on the massager and on the anal opening too. The amount of lube will depend on the toy’s material or else according to your preferences.

Put in The Massager

Once you feel set, insert the toy slowly; the process may be painful if it is your first time; therefore, you should enter gently. After you insert the toy, move it around the walls of the rectum to find the prostate gland. Let the toy stay deep in there to ensure you get familiar with the penetration feeling.

Time for Action

Once you locate the P-spot, rub the toy around it and with a repeated motion, you will soon start to feel the effects. You can rub it so gently for around half an hour and then move to the real action now.


Start off by constricting and releasing the anal muscles on the toy and once you feel like they are getting tired, consider resting for a little while. Attaining orgasm for the first time may be a bit hard and may take time, but once your muscles become familiar and get used to the act, it will be much easier.


Prostate massage is quite relaxing if it is done appropriately and you will enjoy every moment of the act. Most people find it hard to uncover full pleasures that accompany prostate massage due to improper selection and application of toys.

For beginners, consider a toy that is small in size as the sphincter gets used to bigger sized massagers with time. Do not forget that the most essential thing is here is to take things without rushing. Ensure you go slowly and steadily so that you do not ruin your session.