Gone are days when you would be forced to flip through magazines that have a nude photo to come across nude photos. With the advancement in technology, we have porn site they are free for you. Here is a list of top porn site you need to consider.

1. Pornhub

This born site has a variety of selections to consider. It has a wide selection, amateur content and diversity. Its categories include VR porn, live scams to choose from. The site has a wellness centre that educates people on their sex life, STIs and reproductive health.

2. Pornstar Platinum


It has an easy interface making it easy to use porn site around. It is updated regularly with current videos and sexy photos. This site contains all imaginable stripes of over than one million videos. It has social media accounts that have more than three million registered users.

3. YouPorn

This is another easy to use porn website; it has a browser that is similar to YouTube.It has an array of porn clips, ability to watch video from your favourite porn star and sex movies.

4. Porn. Com

This is another top free porn site. It indulges in different categories of porn making it one of the best site to visit. It has the largest number of videos loaded. Over 114, 000 porn videos that come in HD and a full length of sex movies.

5. porn tube


The porn tube is a top porn site that is free to access. You can watch porn videos consecutively on this site from a collection of porn stars.

6. XVideos

This porn site has a wide collection of porn videos together with live cams that are in different categories. With multiple languages being used .navigation through the site is also easy for any new users.

This is the best free porn sites around that you need to consider